Aluminium angles, tubes and clamps. Love them or hate them, by Experimenta.

The South Korean designers Woojin Park and Donghyun Sohn, the founding partners of 1/plinth, have succeeded in creating a refreshing collection of side tables using just a handful of angles, tubes and aluminium clamps but with judgement and good taste that are off the scale. U-bolt, as the series has been christened, stands out because of the contrast between the cold and rustic appeal of a material like aluminium and the implementation of a generous palette of colours.

Formally simple – perhaps too much so – the U-bolt series is not just about appearances. Indeed, leaving aside their DIY status (a tag that always goes down well), the ingenious system of links created with U-clamps gives them a modularity that means they can adapt to a wide variety of needs.

The three main pieces that begin this series – UM#470 (47 x 50 x 57 cm), UM#740 (74 x 50 x 57 cm) and the UT#900 (90 x 50 x 89 cm) – are merely starting points. According to their creators, the U-bolts can grow, mutate and evolve wherever the user sees fit. To a larger table, to a storage unit… with or without wheels, rectangular, square… brilliant.


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