TUlip40, Pierre cabrera

The Tulip40 hanging leather lamp designed by Pierre Cabrera for Julian Lugo.

A design produced in collaboration with Amalvi Pimenta, the leather goods producer, trunk manufacturer and designer, and the founder of Atelier O’nolan .

As a handmade item, this object is a unique piece which is alive and authentic, and fully conveys the passion of the Art Craftsman.

The collaboration with the designer Pierre Cabrera on the Tulip lighting collection is above all a story of a friendship that came about from the meeting of two craftsmen and their worlds.

Covering the Tulip suspension lamps with a noble, natural, warm, lively touch which is as unique as leather is an invitation that is impossible to turn down!

Its natural texture, flexibility, unique silky touch, resilience to everyday use and its wonderful elegant nuances make it a remarkable and rare leather.

Taken from IDEASDI.COM

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