“The greatest challenge, time” by Eduardo Bravo.

The feeling, the textures, the colours and the ease of manipulating material with affordable tools were what led the British designer Lisa Lloyd to begin producing illustrations with paper. She currently has a waiting list of clients and she hopes to be able to specialise exclusively on her own artistic projects in the future.

“It all started with a hummingbird in two dimensions. I liked working with paper, and I decided to do that illustration while I was doing my graphic design and animation assignments. The experience was particularly relaxing, very similar to meditation,” recalls Lisa Lloyd, and from then on, she continued to produce increasingly complex illustrations on paper that made the transition from two to three dimensions. “At first it was a kind of personal challenge, but soon afterwards, commercial orders began to arrive and I accepted them”.

Seven years later, Lloyd is an outstanding illustrator on paper thanks to her skill, her meticulousness with details, and her personal style.

Taken from VISUAL.GI

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