Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love has done it again – this time it’s called Opus, by Experimenta.

Form Us With Love, the famous Swedish studio founded by Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér in 2005, has completed a wonderful collection of seating for public spaces which thanks to their refined lines and exceptional finishes are versatile enough to be placed in private spaces with no major difficulties.

Developed for the Danish manufacturer +Halle, the series, simply known as Opus, consists of three pieces: a dining chair, a low-back chair and a high-back chair. The latter is of course the flagship of the collection, due to the natural incorporation of a superb backrest that literally envelops the user, giving them a sensation of intimacy that is so much in demand these days. “Visually, the Opus are slender, are not dominant and create a subtle harmony with their surroundings. The aim is to reduce material and create using as little as possible,” says John Löfgren.

Another of the keys to the series has of course been its commitment to a simplistic and tubular architecture. This decision has visually “lightened” the pieces, which is a highly rated feature when covering high-stress spaces. Form Us With Love has indeed done it again.


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