Faulkner Architects

A reinterpretation of Californian barns, by Experimenta.

Faulkner Architects, the multi-award winning Californian studio founded by Greg Faulkner in 1998, has been responsible for the project in an old barn in the centre of Glen Ellen, a rural town in the state of California which is aesthetically defined by this particular type of building, and has turned it into a high quality second home for a large family from San Francisco.

Using the remains of a structure dating from the mid-twentieth century, the team responsible for the account designed an apparently simple volume which was very robust and although sophisticated, and in keeping with the social and natural characteristics of the surrounding area.

Simply known as Big Barn, it features a use, mixture and reinterpretation of materials including wood and steel to obtain warm and honest textures. With a discreetly asymmetrical gable, the 360 m2 in the main volume are located on a steep hillside, offering the occupants impressive views through endless neo-industrial openings.


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